Investment opportunity in the capital smart city:

It’s always a thrilling experience that society gives a lot of reasons for investing. The capital smart city is one of them as It offers a lot of reasons for investors to invest. They will be  more than happy and satisfied after investing in a capital smart city.

Capital smart cities intend to provide facilitated society to the community, in touch with the needs of the modern and advanced era and make them according to the lifestyle of this modern era people. The dream place for the families to enjoy accommodating needs. Capital smart will provide a Self-sustaining eco-friendly environment.

The exquisite society always depends on exquisite and honorable developers and owners. The owner of the capital smart city, Habib Rafiq belongs to the Pakistan development and construction industry and he is a reflection of professionalism, honesty, and trustworthiness.

A capital smart city is considering Pakistan’s first smart housing project because it’s a unique one; none like this.

The following are the key features that will clear your thoughts about why it’s a good decision to invest in a capital smart city.

World-class Amenities:

  1.  First advanced city in Pakistan
  2. Well-founded or well-grounded developer
  3. Fastest development
  4. Approved by RDA
  5. Ideal location
  6. 10% down payment
  7. Greatest return
  8. Valuable
  9. Advance lifestyle
  10. All basic facility
  11. Easy installment plan
  12. Easy access via the M2 motorway
  13. Serene environment
  14.  Close to New Islamabad international airport
  15. Rapid increment in prices

This project belongs to FDHL. He takes great initiative for Pakistanis or overseas Pakistanis. He aims to provide facilitated society to Pakistanis and overseas Pakistanis because when they live in Pakistan they feel like they are abroad, they will live the lifestyle of abroad as they are used to that environment, so they feel comfortable while living in an overseas block. 

Topline marketing deals with the society of the  capital smart city and other grand housing societies like blue world city or taj residencia. You may contact us regarding this or feel free for consultancy.

Features of capital smart city

  1. WiFi available on common area
  2. Clinic, hospital, school
  3. Proper cleaning system and services
  4. Secure area
  5. Competent community
  6. Wide roads or greenery area
  7.  Enjoyment facilities like clubs, gym, playing area or pools, etc.
  8. 24/7 Reliability of power
  9. All security alerts.

We must say that it’s a smart housing society in Islamabad. Hence, Investing in this project will be the smart decision of yours. There are a lot of housing projects in Islamabad but the capital smart city is a unique one. HRL is considering Pakistan’s top real estate and developer companies so their project is also considered Pakistan’s top housing project. The master plan of capital smart city design by Surbana Jurong (SJ).

Ideal location:

The easy access from the M2 motorway. Though its a golden opportunity to invest in its various inventories.


In addition, capital smart city offers a lot of amenities.

Theme park

WiFi zone area


Bird parks

Golf  course club

FOR booking you may visit our office along with:

  1.  copies of NIC
  2. 2 passport size copy
  3. next of kin id card copies 2
  4. 10% down payment

Although we can say  that it’s a smart housing society in Islamabad. In fact Investing in this project will be the smart decision of yours. There are a lot of housing projects in Islamabad but the capital smart city is a unique one. We, topline marketing, are dealing with the project of the capital smart city. Then you can feel free to contact us for consultancy. However, Capital smart city is consider advanced society and belong to high society people.  Anyhow  families can enjoy the proximity by living in Pakistan’s first smart city and adopt the luxurious lifestyle.

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