5 Best Family Parks in Islamabad

parks in islamabad

5 Best Family Parks in Islamabad


You won’t have to look very far to locate decent Family Parks in Islamabad, as the “Green City” of Pakistan, is home to some of the most spectacular natural sights, stunning views, and of course the lush green parks in the country.

Islamabad has some of the most beautiful parks in all of Pakistan. In this blog, we give you a list of family parks in Islamabad that you can go to with your friends and family to spend quality time together.

List of 5 best family parks in Islamabad

Lakeview Park

First on our list is the famous Lake View Park, which is right in the middle of Islamabad. The park is at the Rawal Dam, which is one of Pakistan’s biggest dams. Lake View Park is not like most parks. It is a place to see animals, have fun, and go on adventures.
So, if you want to take your kids somewhere fun for the day, you should definitely think about Lake View Park. The Capital Development Authority is in charge of how it works. This park also has the biggest birdcage in Pakistan with different variety of birds.
Some of the best things about the park are:
  • Paintball battlefield
  • Amusement rides
  • Picnic points for families
  • Fancy birdcage
  • Festival arena
  • Train that takes people
  • A place to fish
  • Horse riding
  • Swimming pool

Shakarparian National Park

Shakarparian National Park is one of the most visited family parks in Islamabad, and it is one of the city’s oldest tourist attractions. This park is home to the well-known Star and Crescent Monument, which can be found close to Zero Point junction. In addition to the Lok Virsa Heritage Museum, the park is home to the equally impressive Pakistan Monument and its associated museum. In addition, these are some of the most well-known landmarks in all of Islamabad.
This hillside garden, complete with gorgeous trees and flowers, was constructed at an altitude of 609 and provides breathtaking views of the city, especially during the night. The Pakistan Monument on Shakarparian Hills is the most visited landmark in Islamabad.
You can get something to eat or drink without leaving the park, as there are a few eateries there. Other well-known eateries in the area are the 1969 Cafe. Numerous local and international visitors travel to Shakarparian Park to use the park’s well-kept jogging paths and pathways.

Fatima Jinnah Park

Fatima Jinnah Park, also known as F-9 Park, is one of the most popular family parks in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. The park is located in Sector F-9 and covers an area of about 350 acres. It is considered to be one of the best parks in the country. The park was named after Fatima Jinnah, the sister of the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It was established by the Capital Development Authority in 1978 and is one of the most visited parks in the city. The park features a variety of attractions and activities, such as a jogging track, walking trails, a children’s playground, an artificial lake, a cafeteria, and a mini-zoo. Other attractions include a children’s train and a sculpture garden. The park also hosts several events and occasional concerts.

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Japanese Children Park

This park is home to one of the city’s finest playgrounds. Playground equipment like swing sets, monkey bars, tree houses, slides, and even horse-riding facilities are available. Numerous colorful trees, similar to those in Japan, may be found among the large green gardens at this well-liked picnic location. The park’s walking tracks are great for an evening stroll, and the playgrounds provide kids with plenty of room to play. You can ride your bike around the park, play cricket or football, or even take part in any of these activities. Visitors to the Japanese Children’s Park in Islamabad can purchase food and drinks from a small refreshment stand.

Kachnar Park

Kachnar Park is one of the best family parks in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is located in the I-8 sector of the city and is popular among locals and visitors alike. The park is divided into two sections, Kachnar Park and Nature Park. The Kachnar Park features a variety of trees, and flowers, as well as benches and pathways for visitors to enjoy. It also has a jogging track and a play area for children. There are also a number of food stalls located in the park, offering snacks and refreshments.

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The family parks in Islamabad offer a unique blend of natural beauty and modern features. From the beautiful Shakarparian National Park to the lakeside relaxation at Lakeview Park, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are looking for a relaxing stroll, a picnic, or a fun day with the family, Islamabad’s parks offer the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With so much to offer, Islamabad’s parks are sure to become a favorite destination for locals and visitors alike.

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