Blue World City: Awami Residential Complex

Blue World City: Awami Residential Complex

Everyone, whether they live in Pakistan or somewhere else, wants their own home. Regardless if you have a lot of money or not, you may want a home more than anything else. This never-ending need for a home is used by real estate moguls to make even more money than any other business. In Pakistan, the real estate business is flourishing so swiftly. Many residential and commercial projects are constructed in almost every city of Pakistan.

What is the Business of Real Estate in Pakistan

Real estate in Pakistan is a gold mine for big investors who can make a lot of money with little risk. two types of investment businesses, one is the stock market, and the other is real estate. Both are good places to make money and offer a high return on investment. if you put your money into the right place you may never face a loss in this business, all you need to do is find an appropriate project for investment.

Real Estate Projects in Islamabad

There are a lot of real estate projects in Islamabad:

Some are completed and some are still in their developing stage.

Let's talk about Blue World City in detail here:

Blue World City Islamabad, is a new housing community that will be built on the Main Chakri Road next to the Lahore–Islamabad M2 highway. The housing society is going to be a masterpiece of the twin cities because it will have all the public amenities of international standards and a clone of a famous landmark like the Burj Al Arab. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the new Islamabad International Airport are both close to the Blue World City Islamabad The Blue Group of Companies owns and builds Blue World City (BGC). Blue Group of Companies is a well-known name in the building and real estate industries.

Blue World City Blocks

  • General block
  • Overseas Block
  • Sports Valley
  • Water Front
  • Hollywood Block
  • Awami Block
  • Awami Residential Complex
  • Blue Hill Country Farms
  • Blue Town with Smart City Features
  • Blue World Trade Centre

What’s in the Blue World City Awami Residential Complex

Blue World City Awami Residential Complex is a low-cost housing project for middle-income and low-income people. The Blue Group of Companies Consortium thinks that public and private services should be balanced. With the slogan “A Place to Live for Every Family,” Awami Residential Complex is a real attempt to deal with the lack of housing in Pakistan by providing a high-quality community life at an affordable price.

The Blue World City Awami Residential Complex will be built to give its residents the things they need to live, like a natural, healthy place and clean water. There will be electricity and a hospital that will open 24 hours a day. There will also the Forces School System, which is run by a group of retired senior army officers and will give the children of the residents a high-quality education.

The Owners and Developers of the Blue World City Awami Residential Complex

Blue Group of Companies, one of Islamabad’s best real estate developers, is building the Blue World City Awami Residential Complex. Mr. Saad Nazir owns the BGC company. He is a business leader in Pakistan who is known for having a clear vision. The Imperium Group of Companies, the other developer, was set up in 1999. Since then, it has grown into a well-known building and real estate company.

The Group of BGC and IGC

projects of blue group of companies
The Imperium Group of Companies and the Blue Group of Companies have joined hands to make the Pakistani fastest growth. joint venture.
The Group is working to solve Pakistan’s serious housing shortage in line with PM Khan’s vision to offer plans for affordable but luxurious housing. The Blue World City Awami Residential Complex in Islamabad will be sold based on a certain number of units. It’s not wrong if we call this project a “welfare real estate project.” 50% of the apartments are set aside for people who work for the government, 40% are for the general public, and 10% are for widows and people who are retired.

Location and map of the Blue World City Awami Residential Complex

The location of the BWC Awami Residential Complex will be on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2). It is easy to get to both cities’ all accessible places. Blue World City Awami Residential Complex Islamabad is a safe neighbourhood with all the modern amenities and facilities that come with living in a high-quality. This housing project is not just being built in Islamabad; it will also be built in Lahore. This project will be in a great spot in Lahore, right next to the Lahore Ring Road and the Main Multan Road/Canal. A team of experts from Dubai has been hired to make plans for this project and figure out how to build it.

Apartments in Awami Residential Complex

This high-end housing project will have studio apartments that will raise living standards and let people enjoy luxury on a budget. These apartments will have a kitchen, bathroom, and 375 sq. ft. of covered space.

1-Bed Apartments for Families

Under the direction of Mr. Imran Khan, Awami Apartments are being built for families. These apartments will also have a 550-square-foot kitchen and bathroom that are connected to each other.

2-Bed Apartments for Families

With an area of 830 sq. ft., these apartments will give their residents comfort and luxury. These apartments in the Awami Residential Complex will have a kitchen and bathroom.

Awami Duplex Villa

Even though this project is being made for the people of Pakistan in general, that doesn’t mean it won’t be luxurious. Blue World City Awami Villas will show that luxury can be affordable. Duplex Villas in ARC will be 675 square feet, which makes it a great place to live and have fun.

Awami Residential Complex Updated Payment Plan

Everything about this project is planned so that the people who will live there can get the most out of it. The Awami Apartments Payment Plan shows how well the management planned and carried out their plans.

Astonishing features of the Blue World City Awami Residential Block

The middle-income and low-income groups in Pakistan will be able to enjoy a wide range of amazing features in this housing project.

Low-cost apartments for living

If you look at the project Payment Plan, you will see that these apartments have everything you are looking for. Thanks to Mr Imran Khan’s vision and the planning of Blue World City, people in the middle-income and low-income groups can now easily buy a property.

Luxury Redefined

The Blue World City Awami Residential Apartments will have everything you’d expect from a luxury place. Residents will be able to decorate their rooms however they want.

Approved Residential Project

This project is legal and has gotten all the permissions it needs from the authorities. This is one of the main reasons to invest in this residential project


The Blue World City Awami Residential Complex Islamabad & Lahore housing project was started to help Prime Minister Imran Khan reach his goal of making housing more affordable. It has a lot of nice features and easy, affordable payment plans.
So, Topline Marketing strongly suggests that now is the best time to invest in Blue World City Awami Residential Apartments. If you want to learn more about projects in Islamabad, you can visit our website and read about Blue World City and other unique projects by Blue World City.


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