How to get your Housing Society NOC Approved

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How to Get Your Housing Society NOC Approved in Pakistan


Are you planning to get your housing society NOC approved in Pakistan? This detailed guide will help you understand the process and provide essential information on obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for your housing society. Topline Marketing, a trusted real estate marketing agency, is here to guide you through this process with our experienced real estate agents and advisors.

Why NOC is required for Housing Societies?

A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is an approval granted to a housing society or real estate project to process transactions related to the sale of plots and development of infrastructure. Different government authorities issue NOCs to housing societies and real estate schemes.

Types of No Objection Certificates (NOC)

There are various types and levels of NOCs issued for the approval of society and real estate schemes:

  1. NOC from Tehsil Municipal Committee (TMA)
  2. NOC from Court or Administrator
  3. NOC from Landlord
  4. NOC from Development Authorities (e.g., CDA or PDA)

Who Can Issue a NOC?

As per Pakistani law, only a few authorities can offer a valid NOC for development, approval, and business in the real estate industry. These include regional development authorities (CDA/RDA/PDA/LDA/SBCA, etc.), local Tehsil Municipal Committees (TMA), and other government administration offices.

Procedure to Get a NOC for a Society

To obtain a NOC for your housing society, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website of the Survey of Pakistan.
  2. Connect with a representative of the department for guidance.
  3. Contact the representative of the regional housing authority (RDA, CDA, PDA, or LDA, etc.).

The NOC application process requires several documents, including ownership documents, approved layout plans, utility connection approvals, and environmental approvals.

Timelines and Fees for Getting an Approved NOC

For housing societies and mega-real estate projects, it takes about 60 to 75 working days for the approval of the NOC. The cost for a NOC varies, depending on the scale of your project.

Importance of NOC in Real Estate

Obtaining NOCs from different government authorities is crucial for the smooth functioning of housing societies, commercial real estate, and residential complexes. They ensure financial security and compliance with legal requirements.

Validity and Checking NOC Status

The validity of a NOC may vary from 1 year to several decades, and it can be renewed or canceled by relevant development authorities. To check the NOC status of a housing society, visit the regional development authority website or contact their representatives.


Getting your housing society NOC approved is a crucial step in ensuring the legality and smooth functioning of your project. Topline Marketing, with its trusted and experienced real estate agents and advisors, is here to help you navigate the process. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries or need assistance in obtaining your housing society NOC.


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