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 Investment Opportunity- Blue World City Islamabad

Investment Opportunity- Blue World City Islamabad

Investing in property can secure the future of an individual. Today’s investment gives you higher returns, stability, inflation hedging, and diversification in the future. It’s the right time to invest in property.


Why you have to invest in a blue world city?

Affordable society:

This society is more affordable than other twin societies. A blue world city is the most affordable society for the lower and middle class. In residential areas, a blue world city offers 5,7 and 10 marla plots that make it convenient for every lower and middle family. They can enjoy a lavish lifestyle with ease.

ECO-friendly environment:

This society offers a lot of parks that make society peaceful and provide a majestic environment.

Greatest return to less investment:

Blue world city gives the greatest opportunity to invest in commercial and residential areas. As we all know about the approval of the Rawalpindi ring road that will be most effective for the investor. This ring is the cause of increasing prices in the blue world city and other neighboring cities.

Advanced lifestyle:

This society provides all basic facilities and lavishes the advanced lifestyle. You can get the advance, lavish and facilitated society in a blue world city.

Prime location

Blue world city is located on the border of Islamabad. A blue world city is a prime location for investment. As this society belongs near to the new Islamabad international airport so we would say that it’s a prime location for investment.

Infrastructure Build:

The infrastructure of any society depends a lot on increasing the value of society and prices. The infrastructure society of blue world city is the fastest developing day by day and also increases the value of plots. As the price of the plot starts from 60 lac and then now it reaches 12 lac.

Ring road:

The government approved the ring road, while once it is completed, that will cause a lot of prices of plots in blue world cities. We may take the example of Lahore ring road.

When ring road was developed in Lahore that automatically increased the rates of nearby plots. So definitely we can say that when the ring road of Rawalpindi is completed it will increase the value of blue world city plots.

CPEC route:

The CPEC route gives economical growth to the blue world city. CPEC is the greatest source of growth in the economy. After the completion of the CPEC route, we can see the greatest change in the prices of plots.


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