MOU Ceremony between Topline Marketing and Marshal Tower Peshawar

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) ceremony was held at Topline Marketing head office, on 16 March 2022. An agreement was signed between Topline Marketing and Marshal Tower Peshawar regarding the real estate business. The document was duly endorsed with the signatures of Topline Marketing’s CEO Shahid Mehmood and Marshal Tower Peshawar’s owners Asad Shah and Zahir Khan. General Manager of Topline Marketing, Jawad Amin, coordinated this collaboration to strengthen the relationship, and enhance the business production.
In this ceremony, it was emphasized that both parties will work collaboratively to pursue the plan. The top officials of both parties exchanged congratulations and the CEO of Marshal Tower Peshawar appreciated the efforts and services of Topline Marketing. On this memorable day, a large number of the staff from both sides attended the ceremony. Topline Marketing’s CEO assured us that they will work diligently to meet the expectations of the opposite party.


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