MOU Signing Between Topline Marketing & Midwest Heights

MOU Ceremony between Topline Marketing (PVT) LTD. and Midwest Heights

Topline Marketing (PVT) LTD., a big name in the real estate industry, has earned immense recognition in the real estate sector due to its 27+ years in this field. It is and has been working with multiple residential and commercial projects, including well-known major projects in Islamabad. Due to its competent and diligent team, it is touching the sky of fame. That’s the sole reason that investors consider it a top priority for a safe and secure investment. Recently, the management of Midwest Heights visited the head office of Topline Marketing (PVT) LTD., regarding the business agreements. A Memorandum of Understanding ceremony was organized in Topline Head Office, on 3 June 2022. The agreement was signed and endorsed by the top officials of both parties. Shahid Mehmood, the CEO of Topline Marketing (PVT) LTD., exchanged the agreement’s files with Midwest Heights CEO Zia-Ur-Rahman. They announced to work collaboratively in the future, to enhance the mutual trustworthy relationship, in addition, they were pleased to show interest in further business plans and promised to ensure the rapid progress of the developments of the projects.
At this memorable event, a large number of staff including the team and management officials of both sides attended the ceremony and witnessed the successful agreement. A proper plan for the completion of projects was discussed in the head office of Topline Marketing (PVT) LTD., by the senior management of both parties. General Manager of Topline Marketing, Jawad Amin, presented the plan ahead and owners of Midwest Heights were contented with the plan, and they appreciated the efforts of the company to prepare the roadmap as well. Both parties briefed their concerns with each other and concluded to keep the trustworthy and healthy relationship. Both parties, Topline Marketing (PVT) LTD. and Midwest Heights, agreed on single-point agenda to pursue the development program with transparency.


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