Top 5 Real Estate Companies in Pakistan

topl real estate companies in pakistan

Top 5 Real Estate Companies in Pakistan


Real estate is an essential component of any nation’s economy. Given Pakistan’s rapid population expansion, the real estate sector is significant. In Pakistan, there are several distinct forms of real estate, each with advantages and disadvantages. Due to the outcome of real estate investment, whether people are buying, selling, or renting, the property is a need that provides enormous rewards for everyone. Potential customers and investors in Pakistan’s real estate market may get solutions from a number of leading real estate agencies.
With the top real estate agents on the real estate web, Pakistan’s real estate businesses are increasing progressively over time. The Top 5 Real Estate Companies in Pakistan for 2022 are listed below.

One of the leading real estate companies in Pakistan is, one of the country’s most well-known property platforms. In 2006, was established. It links buyers and sellers in Pakistan’s real estate sector online. There, it’s much simpler to locate your preferred houses, commercial properties, rental homes, and real estate brokers.

They have contributed to several local, regional, and global projects. You may quickly get a straightforward and helpful panel by going to the website At the national and international levels, they have furthermore promoted real estate events and exhibits.

Due to the confidence of millions of Pakistanis, is currently a significant real estate trading hub with 4000 workers dispersed over 34 different locations in Pakistan. A marketing firm connects a buyer to a well-known real estate magnate in a friendly and trustworthy setting where both sides may strike a deal that is both profitable and secure. The real estate market has actually seen a significant change as a result of their strategy.

Topline Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Topline Marketing entered the Pakistani real estate market with the intention of improving the industry’s reputation. For the past 27 years, Topline Marketing has given people the level of care, transaction clarity, and total legal protection needed to create a new standard in the real estate industry. Topline Marketing is here to deliver limitless prospects in the real estate sector, with 20,000+ pleased clients and 30+ successful projects throughout six major cities in Pakistan. The company strive to do this by bringing trust, imagination, innovation, and fresh ideas. The top priorities include adhering to rules and regulations, having a passion for providing excellent customer service, and being dedicated to investing in the greatest resources.

Agency 21

Agency 21 strives to be the best real estate firm in Pakistan, mostly as a result of their commitment to their clients. According to them, by offering unrivalled service quality, all-inclusive legal protection, and transaction transparency, the firm is poised to become the market’s pioneer of new trends. Agency21, which is relatively new to the market and currently has eight offices in the twin cities, plans to expand to more than 200 branches across Pakistan. Agency21 has excellent talents in market analysis and overview, market exposure, price opinion, and property assistance for customers because of its sizable number of diligent team members. They are working hard to become one of Pakistan’s top companies and are on their way to accomplishing their goals. real estate companies.


One of the top real estate firms in Islamabad, Graana has multiple locations around the city. It seeks to revolutionize Pakistan’s real estate industry. According to them, “ is the outcome of simplifying key real estate components into a more effective and user-friendly interface.” We have created a very transparent and useful platform where you can sit back and relax while we advertise your projects and listings. This portal can help you purchase, rent, sell, or even rent out your home. By offering the most intelligent property platform, we think we have created a new benchmark for the future of real estate in Pakistan. “ is one of Pakistan’s most effective real estate portals. It belongs to the Imarat Group of Companies as a subset. The incredible real estate development projects available on include the Amazon Mall, Imarat Builders Mall, and Mall of Arabia, among others.


Another prestigious real estate firm in Islamabad is Gharbaar, which is situated on the major highway close to Gulberg Greens. The company’s goal is to ensure that everyone has a lively and comfortable home, as its name indicates. They have a proverb that we really like: “Real estate cannot be lost, stolen, or carted away.” It is essentially the safest investment in the world when purchased wisely, paid for in whole, and managed with normal care.


When it comes to real estate in Pakistan, there are several choices. It might be challenging to select the best company for your requirements when there are so many out there. By evaluating the best 5 real estate companies in Pakistan according to their expertise, client satisfaction scores, and general level of service. Hopefully, this blog has assisted you in deciding which business is ideal for you.
Topline Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top and leading real estate Marketing Company in Islamabad and all over the Pakistan. We strives to provide quality guidance, consultancy and services regarding real estate property management, investment and Return on Investment. We deals with number of housing projects like Nova City Peshawar, Prime Valley Islamabad and Blue World City Islamabad etc. Customers satisfaction is our top priority.


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