What makes Blue World City (BWC) a better investment in Islamabad

Investment in blue world city islamabad

What Makes Blue World City A Better Investment in Islamabad?


Have you been seeking cheap yet profitable choices for Investment in Islamabad? If the answer is yes, you’re in luck because one of the most prominent developers in the city, Blue Group of Companies, has unveiled a cutting-edge gated community in Islamabad. Investing in Blue World City will also provide you with the chance to create the home of your dreams.

Secure Gated Community

Blue World City is a luxury housing development that was built in accordance with the worldwide standards used in developed countries. It is a valuable gift for the people of the twin cities. This project is the greatest choice for you in Islamabad or Rawalpindi to invest for residential and commercial purposes. In addition, the housing society has made some precautionary measures to stop the market’s prior fraud. A digital method, payment management, file application verification, and status check system has been introduced.

Who Owns Blue World City

The Blue World City’s owner and developers are, the well-known Blue Group of Companies They own, develops, and oversee the project. Elite developers with a track record of development and delivery on a worldwide scale are building it. The BGC and the Shan Jian Engineering Company is responsible for constructing it. They have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with BGC.
The development company is not a newcomer as many people believe; instead, they have been active in the market for the past 20 years and have built a solid name. The development, engineering, sales, marketing, office, and field staff are all part of the enormous team that works on their projects. The business has its origins in the storied city of Lahore, where they have completed projects to everyone’s satisfaction. The developer has also made contributions to the overall plan for affordable flats, as well as for residential and commercial properties in the form of built units or plots.


Blue World City is located in a lush green tranquil environment. Due to its proximity to the Chakri Interchange on Motorway M-2, it offers investors an amazing road connection. The community is perfect for anyone who wishes to live away from the daily bustle of the cities without travelling more than 20 minutes to get there. The nearness to the New Islamabad International Airport also contributes to increasing the project’s profitability.
Blue World City Map

Blue World City Legal Status

Even though rivals have launched a number of misinformation campaigns against Blue World City, alleging that the community is nothing more than a scam, they have all been refuted by the business. All of these accusations were nothing more than false information and unfounded rumors’. The housing society already has a NOC from the regulating organizations.
It’s expected that rates for current files will change soon after the District Council also prevailed in court proceedings. this is the best opportunity to invest now.

Blue World City Master Plan

As the name suggests the project has a whole small world in it,. The community is further split into blocks and districts, which are as follows.

Awami Block

Under the motto “A Home for Every Family,” Awami Block is a sincere effort to alleviate Pakistan’s housing issue by offering first-rate communal living at a reasonable price.
Awami Block in Blue World City Islamabad

General Block

The Blue World City’s general block is the next in line; though it is regarded as being on the higher end, the prices are still pretty reasonable and the concept is extremely adaptable. Residential plots of 5, 8, and 10 Marla, along with 1 and 2 Kanal plots, are available here. In the same block, 5 Marla commercial plots are also available.
General Block in Blue World City Islamabad payment plan

Overseas Block

The society’s provision of overseas housing units has emerged as the project’s defining feature.
The overseas building is only for Pakistanis living abroad who have developed more affluent tastes and higher standards. On a first come, first serve basis, a small number of residential and business plots are offered in the foreign block.
Overseas Block in Blue World City Islamabad

Waterfront District

The most recent addition to the Blue World City project is the Blue World City Waterfront Block. The neighborhood is located in the society, just in front of the Overseas Block. The tranquil views of the shoreline allowed the occupants to take in the peace of society.

Sports Valley

Sports Valley Block is the most recent development to the Blue World City master plan. For sports enthusiasts, the announcement of this block’s inauguration is excellent news since it would encourage sports tourism in Pakistan. With seating for more than 55,000 spectators and a sizable parking area for about 15,000 automobiles, it will have Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium.
Blue World City Sports Valley Payment Plan

Awami Residential Complex

The newest addition to the magnificent housing development Blue World City is Awami Residential Complex. The complex consists of standalone and duplex apartments, each furnished with everything needed to live luxuriously and with stunning city views. Each apartment is built to offer a comfortable interior, upmarket facilities, and sustainable infrastructure.

Hollywood Block

One of Blue World City’s best and most contemporary blocks is called Hollywood Block. It is situated next to Blue World City’s Trafalgar Square. The housing society’s Gates 1 and 2 provide entry to the block.

Blue Hill Farmhouses

The Blue Hills Farmhouse is beautifully situated in the most peaceful part of the community, close to a water stream, and surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the region. Away from the city, the soothing and comforting atmosphere of society is the ideal setting for a life full of harmony and consolation.

Blue World City World Trade Center

With the construction of Pakistan’s first property exchange skyscraper, the Blue World Trade Center, BGC-IGC Consortium advances business.
Blue World Trade Center, which is conveniently situated, would be the most sought-after commercial address in Islamabad, especially for real estate companies and their associated industries. Therefore, the plan is to establish a real estate commercial hub in Pakistan, complete with a variety of uses for the building and all the amenities and services needed to make it convenient and effective.
The payment Plan of the following blocks are as follows:

Why choose Blue World City for real estate investment The secret to success is making the correct choice at the right moment. The most well-thought-out communal lifestyle concept, Blue World City has something to offer everyone.
To be invested in:

  • The best location along the CPEC route
  • Honesty in business dealings
  • Low costs and simple instalments
  • Quick development for prompt delivery
  • A legally solid investment that complies with all applicable rules and legislation
  • reasonable prices
  • Favourable returns on investment
  • Authentic Documentation
  • Payment Process Online


Blue World City is the Pakistani’s ideal housing society found in Islamabad. This society’s key selling point is its affordability and availability of all contemporary conveniences. Prices are still modest since society is still in its infancy. In one to two years, when society has completely matured, prices may increase, making these cheap costs no longer feasible. The main selling factors of Blue World City are the payment options, affordability, and opulent amenities. So grab the opportunity NOW!

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