Why Zennova is different and exceptional among others.

Why Zennova Is Different And Exceptional Among Others.

Zennova Heights built at the brink of heavenly and majestic hills provides you a pleasant place to experience breathtaking and captivating views in the serenity of aesthetic nature. Fascinating and enchanting view of the Zennova Heights presents a splendid and dazzling environment across the Murree Galiyat. Following features of Zennova Heights are exceptional and nowhere to be found in any other apartment.
  • Zennova Heights, surrounded with the verdant forest, catches the utmost considerations of people which distinct location from other numerous indigenous apartments. From every window of the apartment, you shall fall in the endless spectacular forest beauty and intake brisk and pristine fresh air.
  • Zennova Heights, fulfilling the promise and commitments, provides all essential and opulence facilities and services for a high living which make it stand at the top rank among other indigenous apartments.
  • One feature that makes the Zennova Heights significant is its towering location, Murree Galiyat. Regarded as a region of ethereal beauty of nature and blooming meadows, Murree Galiyat is a dream place to spend the time. Hence Zennova Heights is located in its prime location, so the experience to live here becomes glorious.
  • Infrastructure and design of Zennova Heights is state of art in itself, developed by the trained experts, offers an absolute comfort and a sense of satisfaction to live. It encompasses various lavish and exceptional amenities that no other apartments meet these services.
  • Zennova Heights possesses outstanding furnished rooms, restaurants with hygiene and cleanliness, and rooftop cafe with heart wrenching panoramic view under the galaxy of stars.
  • Experience of Zennova Heights offers you the sparkling mornings, sun-drenched afternoons, and moon crescent milky shining of nights.


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