Zennova Heights Location

Zennova Heights Location

Zennova Heights location is surrounded by the heavenly Murree Galiyat, which captivates the ethereal panoramic view of lush green forests. Situated in absolute and aesthetic nature scenery, Zennova Heights’s location is the prime reason which sets its recognition at the most top ranks when it comes to live in serene environment.

Zennova Heights, close to the Khaira Gali, is conveniently accessible from the Jandola Road Galiyat. Murree Expressway is also a linked point to its route which makes its location more accessible. As Zennova Heights is easily reachable from the multiple routes and locations, it is the utmost place which grabs the consideration of people.

The followings routes and locations access to Zennova Heights:
At the distance of 9.6 KM from Ayubia Gali
At the distance of 4.2 from Bharrian
12 KM drive from Murree towards Zennova Heights
22 KM drive from the Nathia Gali
At the distance of 21.9 KM from Bhurban


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