Zennova Heights


Zennova Heights built at the brink of heavenly and majestic hills provides you a pleasant place to experience breathtaking and captivating views in the serenity of aesthetic nature. Fascinating and enchanting view of the Zennova Heights presents a splendid and dazzling environment across the Murree Galiyat. Its location is significant because it is conveniently accessible from the multiple routes and location. Murree Galiyat, an absolute and serene location, is full of captivating and fascinating views. Zennova Heights, close to the several majestic galiyat, is built in its prime location.
Along the ethereal and eye-catching views, we assure you a full package of luxurious amenities, which determine our values towards clients. Within the Zennova Heights, the management offers all sort of basic and essential services. Keeping in view the demands and convenience of clients, the focus has always been towards the client’s interest and satisfaction. Gaining an overwhelming positive response and appreciation, Zennova Heights is regarded a reputed platform in the real estate property industry.

Zennova Heights Location

The several heavenly Murree Galiyat surrounds Zennova Heights location, which captivate the panoramic view of lush green forests. Situated in absolute and aesthetic nature scenery, Zennova Heights’ location is the prime reason that sets its recognition at the most top ranks when it comes to live in serene environment.
Zennova Heights, close to the Khaira Gali, is conveniently accessible from the Jandola Road Galiyat. Murree Expressway is also a linked point to its route which makes its location more accessible. As Zennova Heights is easily reachable from the multiple routes and locations, it is the utmost place which grabs the consideration of people. The followings routes and locations access to Zennova Heights:
  • At the distance of 9.6 KM from Ayubia Gali
  • At the distance of 4.2 from Bharrian
  • 12 KM drive from Murree towards Zennova Heights
  • 22 KM drive from the Nathia Gali
  • At the distance of 21.9 KM from Bhurban

Zennova Heights Owners and Marketers

Zennova Heights is the grand project of a big personality in real estate industry, named as Wajid Iqbal Chaudhary. Behind such genius project, the owner has assured to provide all the lavish and comfort living to the members of Zennova Heights. Topline Marketing, a well-reputed and renowned company in estate property industry, is the part of Zennova Heights as its marketers. Having experience of years, Topline Marketing, as a responsible platform, is the way of assured success in business and being part of Zennova Heights as marketers.

Zennova Heights Features

Zennova Heights, surrounded with the verdant forest, catches the utmost considerations of people which distinct its location from other numerous indigenous apartments. From the every window of apartment, you shall fall in the endless spectacular forest beauty and intake brisk and pristine fresh air.
Zennova Heights, fulfilling the promise and commitments, provides all essential and opulence facilities and services for a high living, which make it stand at the top rank among other indigenous apartments. One feature that makes the Zennova Heights a significant is its towering location, Murree Galiyat. Regarded as a region of ethereal beauty of nature and blooming meadows, Murree Galiyat is a dream place to spend the time. Hence, Zennova Heights is located in its prime location so the experience to live here becomes glorious. Infrastructure and design of Zennova Heights is state of art in itself, developed by the trained experts, offers an absolute comfort and a sense of satisfaction to live. It encompasses various lavish and exceptional amenities that no other apartments meet these services. Zennova Heights possesses outstanding furnished rooms, restaurants with hygiene and cleanliness, and rooftop cafe with heart wrenching panoramic view under the galaxy of stars. Experience of Zennova Heights offers you the sparkling mornings, sun-drenched afternoons, and moon crescent milky shining of nights.

Zennova Heights Amenities

To build a trustworthy relationship amenities are essential part for the success which enhance the credibility. Zennova Heights, upon the providing the convenient and luxurious amenities, has gained an overwhelming and positive response.Zennova Heights offers memorable experience with such amenities:


Zennova Heights provides fitness facilities to stay active and healthy. Modern machines and equipments ensure the ultimate satisfaction of the member to indulge in physical workout.


To offer the maximum convenience and safety, Zennova Heights offer the complete safe and wide range parking, both indoor and outdoor, capacity and determines the assurance of security.

Prayer Area

Zennova Heights provides large praying areas to offer the most important obligation of a Muslim. In this regard, to meet all the basic requirement of the residents, Zennova Heights provides wide space prayer areas to observe the religious duties.


Maintenance facility determines the quality and amenities, and ensures the smooth running of services. Zennova Heights has complete system of maintenance, which guarantees our long lasting services.

24/7 Water Supply

Zennova Heights known for its outstanding management provides a vast production of water. Amenities related to the public health are immense consideration of Zennova Heights.

Zennova Heights Apartments Plans

Zennova Heights provides the maximum and excellence services. It also provides the service apartments plans, which appeal most to the clients. An ultimate goal of our management is to extend our outstanding services to the members of Zennova Heights, therefore, a client has the options and given plans to opt different apartments plans.

One Bed Apartment
  • One bed apartment plan comes with the single bed apartment plan
  • A luxury lounge is the part of this plan
  • Kitchen of modern design and facilities
  • Terrace where you can enjoy aesthetic views of all around
Two Bed Apartment
  • It contains two bed apartment plan.
  • A lounge that provides comfort and convenience
  • In two bed apartment plan, the client can enjoy the facilities of American style kitchen
  • Terrace, to experience the wide panoramic view of green hills
  • In your convenience, it also contains servant room
Three Bed Apartment
  • Three bed apartment with the attached washroom
  • TV Lounge
  • A wide and open kitchen with all lavish facilities
  • To enjoy the captivating moments of your life, you can feel the brisk fresh air from the terrace
  • It also possesses servant room
Four Bed Duplex Apartment
  • Four bed duplex apartments with spacious rooms
  • Convenient and modern designed bedrooms along attached washroom
  • A wide lounge
  • For your comfort, an American style kitchen is part of plan where you can cook all the lavish foods
  • Wide range terraces for the panoramic views of the mountains and galiyat
  • A servant room
Zennova Heights Payment Plans

Zennova Heights is an excellent investment platform, providing payment plans for different levels with different prices. As it is huge project so it possesses multiple apartments and the prices of every level’s apartments carry different ranges.

Level 1 to 6
  • Rate per square feet is Rs. 15,500/-
  • Apartments included from 101 to 603
  • Total payment starts from 13, 175,000 to 24,335,000 (starts from bottom to top, consecutively)
  • 30 months installment
  • Down payment 25%
Level 7 to 10
  • Rate per square feet is Rs. 16, 000/-
  • Apartments No. starts from 701 to 1006
  • Total payment starts from Rs. 22,720,000 to 12,480,000
  • Down Payment is 25%
  • Payment can be made in 30 months installment
Zennova Heights Payment Plan
Level 11 to 12
  • Rate per square feet is Rs. 16, 500/-
  • Apartments included 1101 to 1204
  • Total payment starts from Rs. 20,450,000 to 12,450,000
  • Down payment is 25%
  • 30 months installment
Zennova Heights Payment Plan