PM Instructed Authorities to Ensure Foolproof Security for Reko Diq Workers, Logistics

Islamabad: As per the latest updates, a meeting was held on 24th March 2024 where PM Minister Shahbaz Sharif instructed authorities to ensure the foolproof security of the Reko Diq workers and logistics and transport from the project’s site to the Gwadar port. As per the sources, the meeting was also attended by Finance Minister Muha­mmad Aurangzeb, Petroleum Minister Musadik Malik, Planning Comm­ission’s Dep­uty Chairman Muhammad Jehanzeb and high-level officials. A delegation from the Canadian mining firm Barrick Gold, led by its CEO Mark Bristow, also attended the meeting through a video link.

PM Instructed Authorities to Ensure Foolproof Security for Reko Diq Workers, Logistics

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Below are the details from the meeting:

  • Considering the importance of the Reko Diq gold and copper mining project, the PM called for a meeting with all the major stakeholders about the Reko Diq project at the official level.
  • He directed the authorities to remove all kinds of hurdles in the way of this project.
  • He ensured the enhancement of the communication infrastructure, exclusively railway lines in order to use the Balochistan
  • He further asked to upgrade the roads that provide easy access to Gwadar port so that the project can be completed soon.
  • He added that wherever any road is about to be established just make sure its development work should take place soon.
  • A solid strategy must be created to discover the usefulness of a rail and road network from Reko Diq to Gwadar port.
  • He stated that the distance of the railway line project from Reko Diq to Gwadar must be less than from Bin Qasim port to ensure easy access.
  • He added that around 6,000 containers would be transported from the Reko Diq project to the port every month.
  • The mining firm will construct the link road from Reko Diq to the N-40 National Highway.
  • 58% of the 103-kilometre Nokandi to Mashkhel road, which aims to connect Reko Diq to the Gwadar port, is completed.

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