CDA Introduced MARGO as Islamabad’s Official Mascot

Islamabad: As per the latest updates, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has introduced MarGo as Islamabad’s official mascot. The major aim behind this initiative is to add value to the Islamabad identity as well as to enhance its cultural importance.

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As per the sources, the MarGo word is derived from “Mar,” which stands for “Margalla Hills,” and “Go” shows success & prosperity. In other words, MarGo also looks like a cheetah (Asian leopard cat), which shows the city’s speedy growth.

Furthermore, MarGo represents Islamabad’s multicultural spirit with its cool sunglasses and muffler. Also, as per the global trends, mascots show the city’s culture.

CDA Introduced MARGO as Islamabad's Official Mascot

As per the updates, CDA will set MarGo in various places and landmarks in Islamabad, such as the Convention Centre, Pak China Centre, the entrance of Daman-e-Koh, parks, business centres, etc., in order to promote the city’s identity, welcome visitors, and enhance tourism & civic pride.

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